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View Diary: Could the 2008 Election be Like the 1932 Election? (Part 3) (321 comments)

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  •  But for a Landslide to Happen - (0+ / 0-)

    The Dems MUST win seats such as these.
    By definition the Dems will have to win in GOP territory.
    These were open seats, in 2008 Dems will face GOP incumbents.

    Not only did the Dems not win,
    They didn't move the percentages by any significant amount.

    •  There was a diary on the FP a few weeks ago (1+ / 0-)
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      It showed the partisan breakdown of seats now and how it's changed over time.  The truth is the GOP has a huge cliff of seats that are right over the 50% mark.  These are barely Republican districts that can easily swing our way.  

      With all due respect, your skepticism may be understandable, but it seems to me you are also not listening to other people's arguments or even trying to discover the facts.  

      You are acting like the only seats Republicans still hold are those that where they win by 20 points.  These are the sort of seats that probably stayed GOP even in 1932.  The fact that the NRCC felt the need to put money into one of the districts is actually amazing.  Probably another blunder on their part.  

      Don't like XOM and OPEC? What have YOU done to reduce your oil consumption? Hot air does NOT constitute a renewable resource!

      by Asak on Sun Dec 16, 2007 at 10:08:46 PM PST

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      •  Wrong - (0+ / 0-)

        80% of congressional seats - regardless of party - were won in uncompetitive races in 2006. It often has pushed 90% in previous years. There are 32 Republican seats in the current Congress where the present incumbent won with less than a 10% margin.  If the Dems won every one - and these include 8%-9% seats in heavily Republican states like Nebraska and Indiana - they would pick up 32 seats in 2008.  Plus the Dems have quite a few vulnerable seats in heavily Republican districts and/or Republican states that they barely won in 2006.

        Would you care for a list?
        I have looked at EVERY single seat in the House.

        Hate to break the news to you but - -
        There is no huge cliff - for either party.
        That's how the buddy-buddy system works.

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