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View Diary: What's going on with FISA and the filibuster? (234 comments)

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    Feingold yielded to Dodd, and thanked him for his leadership on the issue, but Warner rose, saying we need to reform FISA quickly.

    Warner: Our intelligence professionals are our finest individuals, dedicated, take great risk, etc. How dare us question them and lack confidence in them, they are America's finest. And McConnell is a great man, too.

    And we (the intel committee) worked months on this thing. And we already went through all this liberties talk. And our intelligence professionals like it too. And they need to be able to wiretap foreign communication without FISA approval because they need speed and agility.

    The government told the carriers that their acts were legal and necessary. So, it's okay.

    Because of the state secrets act, the carriers need immunity even though they didn't do anything wrong. (Hatch said this too.) And lawsuits cost companies money, don't you know, and they'll suffer.

    And despite the fact that the carriers can't talk about what they did, and that we can't let our sources and methods be known, individuals can seek redress in the courts if their rights have been violated. (Um, how would they know?)

    Terrorists can attack freedom, but only Congress can destroy it.

    by romulusnr on Mon Dec 17, 2007 at 02:16:28 PM PST

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