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View Diary: Why Maine (and other late states) should back Chris Dodd (30 comments)

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  •  And lose over 10K members, statewide (0+ / 0-)

    Way to go.

    Compare the stats, re: caucus voters, vs. primary turnout over the past 10-15 yrs.

    Factor in a lackluster roster of Dem. Presidential candidates, and a "late" caucus; and it's not lookin' stellar (e.g., piss-poor leadership).

    The MDP will do well to muster up conveners; let alone attendees.

    15 attendees @a county monthly meeting doesn't cut it (out of a potential of 34,082 registered in '06).

    Mainers hardly step out for their annual town meetings in March; let alone, a caucus on a Sunday in frigid Feb.

    ...not when the majority of Mainer voters are unenrolled to begin with.

    If Billary looks as if she's gaining any traction, I'll blip in an absentee ballot (I highly doubt that she'll make any headway).

    The focus will be Tom's race up here in the general; and that doesn't include caucuses.

    Only state races, who want their petitions signed--that's all caucuses are good for (the average Mainer could give a hoot about signatures--I doubt that they know how the process even works).

    The '04 caucuses were hopping (largest draw ever) only because of the Deaniacs (which ain't happenin' during '08, by any stretch of the imagination).

    Once the coordinated campaign office opens in CD#2 (??), things will perk up, re: Tom's race with Suzie-Q (but not w/the average voter--only those who are already political junkies will care).

    •  Primary turnout is higher. Yep. (1+ / 0-)
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      Debbie in ME

      Because in a primary, any uneducated (and I mean regarding the candidates, not regarding schooling) nitwit can show up and cast a ballot. In caucuses, it's the well-informed voters that are paying attention who choose. More my speed.

      You may find the roster "lackluster", but many don't- Obama's drawing out bigger crowds than Dean ever did. He's raising bucketloads of dough from the Internet.

      And I can't speak for the rest of Maine, but Kennebec has had caucus conveners for all 29 towns for weeks now.

      And I say the same for town meeting- if you bitch about stuff in your town, but are too goddamn lazy to show up at town meeting, then you deserve what you get. Period.

      I support Chris Dodd for President. Unequivocally. He's the only candidate which possesses any balls (sorry, Hillary).

      by Eddie in ME on Tue Dec 18, 2007 at 02:45:43 PM PST

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