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View Diary: Another reason the Dodd FISA fight mattered (103 comments)

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  •  Repeat Sen. Kennedy's message (7+ / 0-)

    ...The President has said that American lives will be sacrificed if Congress does not change FISA.  But he has also said that he will veto any FISA bill that does not grant retroactive immunity.  No immunity, no new FISA bill.  So if we take the President at his word, he is willing to let Americans die to protect the phone companies.  The President’s insistence on immunity as a precondition for any FISA reform is yet another example of his disrespect for honest dialogue and for the rule of law.

    from here

    Repeat this paragraph into every microphone and television camera...
    Repeat how the Prezdent, and all Reparrotcants mindlessly repeating outwhite house talking points place protection of the Telephone companies ahead of American lives.

    Someone will have to cross the aisle to "our" side...

    YEAY! to Sen Dodd!  

    What about NO F!#%ING TORTURE do you NOT UNDERSTAND?

    by netguyct on Tue Dec 18, 2007 at 12:24:17 PM PST

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    •  What this position reveals is that (6+ / 0-)

      the White House concern for the troops is never sincere.  
      Of course, the rationalization that electronic communications need to be intercepted to protect the troops was hog-wash to begin with.  After all, it's not like the people planting IEDs in Iraq are getting instructions from Vermont.
      The troops in Iraq are not only hostages to the Bush power grab, they've become like the pawns in an abusive household where protection is secured by giving the abuser what he wants.

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