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    With this level of mild concentration you can get by with a passive cooling system composed of fin like radiators of extruded aluminum on the back of the mounting plate.  Are you familiar with the Entech 22X system in Dallas?  They have some deployed at the parking garage at DFW.  Linear freznel lenses affording 22 X.  I think that these systems operate at something like 10-20° above ambient.  Most semiconductors have a temperature coefficient of about 2 mV per degree centigrade so you would see something like a 20 - 40 mV decrease in the open circuit voltage.  But I have observed increases in the voltage of over 90 mV for CI(G)S for concentration in that range so the efficiency would actually go up, while using one tenth of the semiconductor with no active cooling.  I published this work over seven years ago, I think.

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