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  •  It's true, and has been documented (1+ / 0-)
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    by looking at the government's own evidence from Gitmo. Only a very small percentage of these prisoners were picked up by US troops.

    Your refusal to see why it matters that most prisoners were sold for "bounties" speaks volumes about your credibility on issues relating to Gitmo. Either you know little about how these "bounties" worked, or you know perfectly well how dicey the whole set up was but don't allow that to interfere with the positions you're taking.

    Your tendency throughout this thread has been to repeat tired and disproven Bush administration talking points.

    •  This does not answer either of my (0+ / 0-)

      questions.  Instead of providing evidence you simply assert that the fact is "well known."  If it is, finding evidence should not be that hard.

      Second, you fail to explain why al-Zarqawi, had he been sold for a bounty would be improperly detained.

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