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  •  That report does not suggest that the (0+ / 0-)

    majority of people were turned over by local villagers for bounty.  Whether they were captured by the US or allied forces is immaterial, just like it was immaterial who captured WWII war criminals, US, or UK, or the Soviets.

    •  You originally asked for evidence (0+ / 0-)
      that the overwhelming majority of prisoners were not captured on the battlefield.  That is what I provided for you.

      Now you say that the report does not suggest that the majority of people were turned over by local villagers for bounty.  If you would have read the report, you would have seen this on page 15 (emphasis added):

      The United States promised (and  apparently paid) large sums of money for the capture of persons identified as enemy combatants in Afghanistan and Pakistan. One representative flyer, distributed in Afghanistan, states:
      Get wealth and power beyond your dreams....You can receive millions of dollars helping the anti-Taliban forces catch al-Qaida and Taliban murders.  This is enough money to take care of your family, your village, your tribe for the rest of your life. Pay for livestock and doctors and school books and housing for all your people.

      Bounty hunters or reward-seekers handed people over to American or Northern Alliance
      soldiers in the field, often soon after disappearing; as a result, there was little opportunity on the field to verify the story of an individual who presented the detainee in response to the bounty award.  Where that story constitutes the sole basis for an individual's detention in Guantanamo, there would be little ability either for the Government to corroborate or a detainee to refute such an allegation.

      The bolded part is responsive to your claim that the method prisoner acquistion is immaterial.

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