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  •  Dems need to keep countering this (none)
    This is a smear campaign that should stop, if this guy got a medal on the same day as Kerry-what is his beef?

    Also why isn't anyone pointing out how Bush's military record isn't still getting the forms that mysteriously reappeared DONT support his contentions.  

    Ilana Wexler fan - Give Shrub and the Big Dick a permanent time out!

    by Rhyta on Thu Aug 05, 2004 at 06:23:25 PM PDT

    •  Old news (none)
      The best we can expect is coverage about Kerry's heroism.  But seriously, does anyone besides non-voters and hardened bush partisans hold out any serious belief that bush did his service?  We'd all love to see the definitive indictment, but we never will.

      And I don't care much now.  Kerry's heroics next to bush's dodgy statements and records is good enough.

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