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  •  Atrios picked it up (none)
    So now you're famous, dude.

    Sid's Fishbowl - clear commentary on a distorted world

    by sidthefish on Thu Aug 05, 2004 at 07:44:44 PM PDT

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    •  And this is why.... (none)
      I love the blogosphere: everyone gets to pitch in, and anyone can get a few minutes of glory.

      For the record, I just did a Google search on "Jim Thurlow". The link was 3rd or 4th in the list. CNN couldn't be bothered to do that much.


      •  Getting the message out (none)
        I got the story wrong, initially.  Thurlow appears in the SBVT ad, but he doesn't make claims about Kerry's bronze star.  That's Van O'Dell, who (as near as I can tell) was basically a low-guy-on-the-totem-pole at the time.  Can't find any medals for him (or an account of what he did in Vietnam, yet).

        Anyway, Atrios was quite forgiving, since Thorlow did make the claims on Inside Politics.  Atrios seems like a nice guy :)

        Visit the Diary of the Lying Socialist Weasels, for commentary from the Original Progressive Web Warriors!

        by Jonathan on Thu Aug 05, 2004 at 08:29:27 PM PDT

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    •  Not me... (none)
        DCBlues, who broke the story. :) One of the atrios chatters posted the transcript. It's the same Thurlow, it appears. Check it:
      THURLOW: My recollection of that day is still pretty vivid after all these years. And what I remember, Judy, is that the incident involving Mr. Rassmann, five boats had come out of the river after running an operation up in the canal earlier that day. Three boats were going through a fishing weir on the left side of the river that had put in place between the time we entered and when we were leaving.

      I'm the third boat in that column left. In the column right, there are two boats. The lead boat is John Kerry's.

      He's going through a rather small opening on the right bank that (ph) had been left in his boat. The boat leading our column, as it goes through that small opening almost simultaneously, is blasted completely out of the water by a command detonated mine.
      RASSMANN: Mr. Thurlow is being disingenuous. I don't know what his motivation is, but I was receiving fire in the water every time I came up for air. I don't recall anybody being in the area around us until I came up maybe five or six times for air and Kerry came back to pick me up out of the water.

      WOODRUFF: Disingenuous. He says you are being disingenuous in not recalling what happened.

      THURLOW: Let me ask Mr. Rassmann this question: I also ended up in the water that day during the rescue efforts on the 3-boat (ph). And my boat, the 51-boat (ph), came up, picked me up, business as usual. I got back on board, went about the business at hand.

      I received no fire. But the thing I would like to ask is, we have five boats now, John's returning, and four boats basically dead in the water, working on the 3-boat (ph). If we were receiving fire off the bank, how come not one single boat received one bullet hole, nobody was hit, no sign of any rounds hitting the water while I was in it?

      WOODRUFF: What about that, Jim Rassmann, quickly?

      RASSMANN: There were definitely rounds hitting the water around me. If Mr. Thurlow feels that what his story is purported to be was the case, he had ample opportunity 35 years ago to deal with it. He never did, nor did anyone else. John Kerry did not tell this story. I told this story when I put him in for a Silver Star for coming back to rescue me. The Navy saw fit to reduce it to a Bronze Star for valor.

      That's OK with me. But If Mr. Furlow had a problem with that, he should have dealt with it long, long ago. To bring it up now, I think, is very disingenuous. I think that this is partisan motivation on his part and for the part of his whole organization.

      WOODRUFF: Mr. Thurlow, why didn't you bring this up earlier?

      THURLOW: For one thing, I did not know that John had been put in for a Bronze Star, a Silver Star or, for that matter, a Purple Heart on that day. I did not see the after-action report, which, in fact, was written by John. And as the years went by, John was not running for the highest office in the free world.

       You'd think the Bronze Star he got would have clued him in...

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