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  •  Purple Heart (none)
    The Purple Heart is at the same time one of the most honorable medals and one of the easiest to get. If you are in combat, and you bleed, you get the Purple Heart. It is automatic, as long as you don't shoot yourself or someone sees you cut yourself (oh, it happens).

    It takes a witness in most cases, and a medical afteraction report. that;s it. Company commanders generate it. I have seen them awarded to unworthies on occasion, but it is a judgment call. I don't have one. My nickname was'Teflon,' I was just lucky. The randon nature of combat is bizarre.

    On the other hand a record with three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star (not easy to get), and a Silver Star(very, very not easy to get), and sterling performance evaluations is, quite frankly, indisputable. John Kerry is the real deal.

    Regime Change Begins at Home. Prune the Shrub and Cut the Dick.

    by oofer on Fri Aug 06, 2004 at 01:26:02 AM PDT

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