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View Diary: Kiriakou's 15 Minutes of Shame (169 comments)

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    The debate is over torture. Mr. Kiriakou is a retired CIA agent who has seen a detainee waterboarded.

    Exactly what was Kiriakou's role at this waterboarding?  He has admitted to being present during the commission of a US crime and an international war crime.

    So what I want to know is what was his role in the waterboarding?  Was he an active participant in this war crime?  Did he help organize this war crime? Or did he just stumble in uninvited and just happen to watch the event?

    Then I want to know what he knows about others participating in this warcrime?  Who gave him orders?  Who else participated in the actual waterboarding and who organized it?  And if he doesn't talk....

    Come on!!!  We have this guy bragging about a warcrime!  

    Where is the justice system hiding? Someone take the blindfold off Lady Justice.

    When will we hear from our democratic leadership launching an active investigation???

    Kiriakou is openly bragging about this crime.  Where is justice????????

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