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  •  You don't find it mind-boggling (1+ / 0-)
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    (well, obviously not) that with one hand we're murdering tens of thousands foreign kids and with the other hand we're congratulating ourselves for making the lives of some of our kids just a little bit better via the S-CHIP 'compromises' ?

    How can there even be any comparison between the two?  How is it not terribly, terribly immoral to trade the pittances the Republicans are willing to give us domestically to allow them to continue the slaughter overseas? How is it not just fucking incredible that we are even discussing such 'horse-trading' in a rational way instead of running around with our hair on fire trying to put a stop to things?  

    This is how I know that there is no god (not worth the designation, at least) - He or She would not allow such an atrocious situation to continue.  

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