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    Roadbed Guy

    First, there's no Department of Defense budget!  This doesn't strike anybody as a bad idea on a whole number of levels?


    Let them sell off a few aircraft carriers for scrap metal.  (shrug)

    Second, the funding would be slapdash and haphazard.  Forget about any new equipment (to protect solider's lives) from getting into the battlefield.  Everytime a solider dies from something that could have been prevented by new equipment, you bet we'll hear about how it's the Democrat's fault.  Second, any luxuries the soliders have will be taken away.  Sorry, no internet access for the troops so they can talk to home-the Democrats won't pay for it.  Sorry, solider, you get bread and water-the Democrats won't let me give you real food.

    I would very much like to see Bush say this.  On TV.  Every night.

    Editor, Red and Black Publishers

    by Lenny Flank on Sat Dec 22, 2007 at 06:04:20 PM PST

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