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View Diary: 1000 Lawyers with Mario Cuomo Shame Congress Publically (136 comments)

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  •  thanks for your civility. i think kucinich is a (1+ / 0-)
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    fine person and has some real contributions to make. i don't think he is in the top three, so unfortunately we won't see him on the ticket.

    i like dodd and i don't think we will see him on the ticket either.

    i did ask for proof in knocking edwards and i don't see it.

    be well and merry christmas!

    •  not sure what you want for proof. (0+ / 0-)

      The two questions, "prosecute war crimes?" (the first question, from someone else) and "support House Res. 333?" (+ short back-n-forth from me) may be on film because I saw cameras rolling. I suppose you could ask the Edwards camp because I assumed the cameras were theirs rather than TV cameras but that was just my assumption. No, I didn't turn up interviewed on the news, but I certainly did ask him that and he certainly did react oddly, which I posted right away when it was fresh. As far as the "I've been through impeachment before! It shut down Capitol Hill and no one got any business done. Is that what you want?" Yeah, he said it. And while I was babbling between "no, not exactly and "well- actually- maybe" and finally came out with "I don't see how anybody can do any business without a Rule of Law..." he had moved on.

      I think it's interesting that I have been posting this scene in more or less detail since it happened, and people have given me rec's for it. Yesterday was the only time I ran across the "Prove it" people and I'm glad I did. ANd without film or being there, I might not believe one poster either. The way to find out now would be for someone else to ask him again, because he's still stuck with those two choices: Prosecute or Business-as-Usual. But he can get as upset or whatever as he wants about injustice everywhere (except the actual ongoing crimes from the top??? This was my beef with Kerry, who prosecuted BCCI once upon a time-oh where did that go?) and still until this "nice" lawyer intends to prosecute known crime and begins saying so- until then he's not my guy and he's not good enough for our beautiful country. Dennis may not be beautiful enough, but he's what's good for us. This is what I think about the Health Insurance problem too.

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