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    Eddie Haskell

    "Easy"?  You were lucky.

    Someone opened a MySpace account using my e-mail address.  I have no idea whether it was deliberate or by mistake.  Whatever, I couldn't close it because I didn't have the password.  

    That inbox was crammed with e-mails daily.  I never opened any of them but it took me two weeks, four e-mails to MySpace admin and a certain level of insistence to get them to close that account.  They couldn't seem to figure out what I was telling them...that I was the owner of the e-mail address, hadn't opened a MySpace account with it and wanted them to close it.

    Sometimes I wonder if these social websites are really a form of progress.

    •  could've been worse (0+ / 0-)

      If they used your e-mail to open an account then they couldn't add anything to the account unless they also had access to your e-mail password, too.  There's a link they have to click on to verify everything.

      Of course, if they have your password then it is worse.

    •  sounds like your email was compromised (0+ / 0-)

      iirc, you have to activate the account using an authorization token sent to your email account.

      if something like this happens (email broken into), you have to start planning your recovery process. Imagine all your email is now public, and any accounts that were linked to that email are public.

      Don't blame myspace -- it'd be impossible for them to distinguish the legitimate owner of an account and the false owner of an account if all correspondence appears to come from the same account. They'd have to deal with blowback if they got it wrong either way.

      People need to take computer security more seriously.

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