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  •  Not quite my meaning (0+ / 0-)

    What I mean is that if you can hide nothing, the whatever you might want to hide would become irrelevant.  Allow me to illustrate.

    Let's say there was an on-line database that told you the intimate details of the sexual proclivities of every human being on the planet.  When that database first came on-line, there'd be all kinds of embarrassment of course.  But over time, we'd learn to live our lives with that assumption built in.  People would choose to do or not do things with that in mind, and the vast majority of random kinks would just be accepted as normal because there'd be a lot of glass houses to deal with.  

    So there'd not be anymore hypocrisy, and people would have a certain liberation in not feeling they had to conceal their true natures anymore.  Frankly people would get bored with the whole concern over it because there's nothing noteworthy there anymore.    

    Now having painted this rosy picture, the trick here is that privacy, ultimately, is about the power of controlling information.  You decide what to reveal about yourself when you do.  The danger is when people have greater power over your information than you do over theres.  To go back to my example, imagine if all politicians and government officials were wiped from that database.  They know everything you do, and you know nothing about what they do.  So long as everybody is on the same ground, it's not a problem, it's when the state, or corporations have more control and access to the information that it becomes a problem.

    --- It's always easier to tear down other people's dreams than to build them

    by sterno on Thu Dec 27, 2007 at 12:05:08 PM PST

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