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    ok fine. let's rephrase the original sentence that everyone's picking at:

    to be fair, the argument is more like, "if everyone can't hide anything, why worry about it?"

    I'll change it to, "If pretty much everyone can't hide anything, with the exception of really rich people, why worry about it?"

    hmmm...yeah...I'm still not worried.

    my point is that if 90%--or even 60 or 70%--of the voters are in the same boat, also meaning that most of the CANDIDATES are in the same boat, then it ceases to be a factor in elections.

    remember, when I say this I'm not talking about 2007. I'm thinking about when all the boomers are lonnnnnnnnng dead and the voting population is made up of millennials and younger, i.e., the generations that grew up on the tubes. if the price of participation in these wonderful pieces of social technology is that I can't run for office someday, or that I can't become a suh-lebbbritty, well... that's f'in peachy, afic.

    I suppose we're all gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

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