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  •  ... what my grandfather told me ... (9+ / 0-)

    This reminds me of what my grandfather used to tell me about the last days of WW II at his village (I'm German).

    Having suffered from Tuberculosis as a young man, my grandfather had spent the war at home. When "the enemy" finally came into town -- I think they were Canadian soldiers -- everybody expected them to turn the whole village upside down. Instead what they did was hand out chocolate to the children. There actually was a feeling of liberation because the occupation meant a certain end to the war and an end to months of chaos and hunger.

    Of course you always romanticize events that are far away, so there probably was more violence than my grandfather wants to remember now. Still, I have the feeling that people must have distinguished much better between an enemy army and the civilian population at that time.

    •  My German story (2+ / 0-)
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      My family emigrated from Germany to the US in 1956.

      Pappa had served as an officer (conscripted) in the Luftwaffe, and was injured and captured by Polish parisans on the last day of the war in Europe.  Mutti was trying to get out of Chezeslovakia with him, and a 2 year old boy war orphan they had adopted.  My parents wanted nothing more than to be "captured" by the Americans, because they knew that Americans were least likely to retaliate and would be compassionate.  Through many trials and tribulations during which they were sure they were going to die, they were finally turned over to the Americans, thank god.

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