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  •  Didn't Huckabee say... (7+ / 0-)

    Didn't Huckleberry Funn ponder the other day as to whether the Mormons believe that George Bush and Bin Laden are brothers?

    No, he didn't, but he could have and we all could.

    In the midst of a faux patriotic frenzy that seeks to cast all Muslims as a part of the opposing forces of evil, let's stop for a minute and think about all of this.  Is any religion essentially evil?   Nope, but any religion can become distorted and may need to find its way back from a bad place.  Let he whose religion has no dark places in it cast the first stone...  and there can be no stones thrown.

    Every life of equal value, every life of equal value, be the individual rich or poor or of one color or another, one religion or none, of one sex or another.  All the rest is the ignorance we must work, generation upon generation, to correct, to grow beyond.  And what a long, slow trip it has been, eh?

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