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    People who played a heroic role in one moment can have profound failures of imagination in others. The institutionalization of movements often transforms real leaders into protectors of fiefdoms. This isn't because the people involved are bad, but rather because in times of movement retreat a conservative logic of self-preservation takes over. The Clintons have been expert at delivering benefits to a layer of old progressive leaders while doing precious little for the constituencies they represent.

    I don't know enough about John Lewis's present stances on the issues to say whether or not in his heart he has become a neo-liberal, but he'd hardly be the first heroic fighter of that time to take such a turn. And in any event he has endorse one for president.

    Invoking endorsements in this way is demagogy. Its intellectual bullying. Its saying "how dare you believe your own lying eyes when I've got this hero on my side." Hillary Clinton is a DLC Dem. Her husband (and yes if you can invoke Cesar Chavez I can bring up Bill) gave us NAFTA, welfare reform and a callous sanctions and bombing regime that killed countless Iraqi children. And I won't bore you with the review of Hillary's votes. If Dolores Huerta or John Lewis or Jesus Christ himself endorses someone running on that record, well thats jsut evidence that they've lost there way if only in that regard.  

    Build the Iraq Moratorium Fri., Sept. 21!
    "Tell no lies. Claim no easy victories" -- Amilcar Cabral

    by Christopher Day on Thu Dec 27, 2007 at 07:50:10 AM PST

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