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  •  SBVFT and obligatory reference to MoveOn, etc. (4.00)
    NBC Nightly News had a piece on the SBVFT's ad tonight. It seems the transcript isn't up yet so I'm just going on memory here.

    I was generally pleased with the tone of the report. (Although I can do without their new series called "Defending America," which breathlessly asks, "How Safe? How Soon?!!!") But back to tonight's show. They managed to reference part of John McCain's condemnation of the ad ("dishonest and dishonorable" ) and may also have mentioned that Bush's team hasn't repudiated it yet (can't remember).

    Bits of the Swift Boat vets' group's commercial were shown without audio in the background. But the thing that got me was that immediately after those clips, a series of clips was shown, identified as anti-Bush ads by Democratic 527 groups.

    I've noticed that many in the media treat this Swift Boat vets' ad and the Dem 527 ads as though they are in some way comparable. They are NOT. Maybe I'm missing something but the 527 Dem ads I've seen generally take issue with specific policies that Bush has adopted as president and they (wisely, I think) steer clear of bringing up his dodgy-ass past, which really should be fair game now. Okay, there was that Nazi ad submitted to MoveOn but it never aired and was condemned by MoveOn. In fact, the Dem 527 ads on tonight's newscast were largely of the puppies-kids-and-sunshine variety.

    It just reminded me of the great pains the SCLM takes to project some sort of "balance" by taking an example of a misstep on the right (e.g., SBVFT ad) and including a cursory reference to a seemingly equivalent failing of the left (e.g., the 527 "attack" ads on Bush's record). "Oh, they're wrong but look over here, they're wrong, too!" Somehow lending credence to the idea that, really, there's no difference between the two sides! They both play dirty!

    Enough of that.

    •  Following where the truth leads (none)
      I've noticed that many in the media treat this Swift Boat vets' ad and the Dem 527 ads as though they are in some way comparable. They are NOT.

      Exactly. Instead of doing the right thing, following where the truth leads and letting the chips fall where they may, NBC and the like play the oh-so annoying balancing act when potraying any political issue, especially one which seems beneficial to the liberal side. In this case, eg, it would benefit the liberal side by simply telling the real truth about the swiftliar ad and consequently expose it for the lying garbage it truly is. But they won't.

      Tom Brokaw and the producers of the show know the Moveon ads and the swift-liar ads are not comparable, but wouldn't dare say it out loud because they are scared out of their living wits that they may be throwing additional meat to the Bernard Goldbergs of the world who call them "liberal."

      Tom and the current gang are one fearful bunch. Think back in time. Would Walter Cronkite give a shit about Bernard Goldberg? No way. I long for those days when a mainstream American broadcast had the guts to simply follow the truth.

      "Had my aide whispered America is under attack, I'd have politely told those kids the president of the US has something that he needs to attend to"-J Kerry

      by assyrian64 on Sat Aug 07, 2004 at 04:46:24 AM PDT

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