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  •  Alterman (none)
    in American Progress today:
    A healthy and functioning democracy must rely on the free flow of information between citizens in the public sphere, and our representative system can only truly fulfill its promise when the media takes seriously its responsibility as the primary facilitator of this exchange. Sadly, because of the three major television networks' decision to allot the Democratic and Republican national conventions a scant three hours of coverage each, the marketplace of ideas is effectively left in the hands of the sound bites and unverified distortions of preening pundits.

    This media's lack of democratic accountability adds an element of hearsay and abstraction to the political process that is funneled down through the fabric of our society, distorting the message and creating a confused political climate in which voters are left with the spin, but without the facts. The media's handling of the Democratic National Convention serves as a prime example of its neglect of substantive ideas in favor of sensationalism, and its magnifying of talking points in order to find a hook to sell to the American public.

    This is a major issue that we must deal with going forward. The reestablishment of the Fairness Doctrine should be a high priority of the Kerry Administration.

    Oh, and, at the end of the piece, a shoutout from Dr Alterman to kossian drewthaler

    For a rare example of journalism the way it should be practiced, we have, alas, to turn to Jon Stewart. In his August 2 interview with Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-TX), the latter casually launched into the conventional GOP talking points to claim Kerry to be the most "liberal" of all U.S. senators, and John Edwards to be the fourth. But Stewart called his bluff and Bonilla dissolved into a puddle of evasive and embarrassingly ill-informed doubletalk.

    (You can read it HERE More and more, it's the "fake" news that gives Americans their clearest picture of just how silly—and sanctimonious—their real news has become.

    life is just once, forever -- Henri Cartier- Bresson

    by Madman in the marketplace on Sat Aug 07, 2004 at 01:01:11 AM PDT

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