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  •  Of course it reminds you of the bus (2+ / 0-)
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    rhfactor, RabidNation

    It says the SAME THING as the diarist.  A meaningless slogan.  Those two words ("meaningless slogan") really sum up Hillary.

    It's stunning how all her supporters instantly pick up and echo, word-for-word, her latest slogan or talking point.  All her endorsements read like form letters.  So do all her supporter diaries and comments and her television ads.  I haven't seen such mindless repetition of slogans the Republicans were parroting flip-flopper jokes in 2004.  I just didn't realize there was such a "hive mind" constituency in our party, too.

    •  yes, i enjoy (0+ / 0-)

      the candidate who i support's campaign and i agree with them on campaign issues, if you think it's all talking points, then fine.  I do think it's time to pick a president, and I think Hillary would be the best president, plain and simple.  If you wanna get into specifics and issues, i can point to many diaries from various supporters that talk about just that, the important issues we support HIllary on, just let me know...

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