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  •  Wow, that's a 20-pointer just for effort (0+ / 0-)

    involved to cite specific accomplishments! Thank you. That's impressive.  Given that kind of no B.S. reply, which I greatly appreciate, let me just add this... Nothing at all scientific or fact-based about this. These are just my ratings of each item you cite, on a scale of 1-10, noting how impressive each item is to me, particularly as I interpret it as focusing on the needs of ordinary Americans. And I am simply going to assume each item you list is accurately stated and not a conflation of some intangible thing she may have done to create a bullet point -- but rather a real outcome based on effective leadership. The only thing accurate about this post will be that it reflects how I feel about what you cite -- means nothing more, and nothing less. Again, thank you.

    MY RATINGS based on my own sense of relevance and calibre of accomplishment: (P.S. I realize you are greatly abbreviating each item; thus my followup comments may touch on things she also did to handle my concerns, yet which I don't know about)

    * Senator Hillary Clinton passed legislation to track the health status of our troops so that conditions like Gulf War Syndrome would no longer be misdiagnosed.

    ))))))) 5. Good intent. A very specific and serious need. However, tracking alone is somewhat inconsequential. What would matter here is an unshakeable guarantee that ANY AND ALL conditions acquired by, or exacerbated by, a soldier's service to country thru US Military service, would be paid for in veteran's benefits in perpetuity. Tracking is a statistic. It is nothing tangible in terms of services. Many many Gulf War 1 vets still suffer from neurological and physiological disorders as a result of uranium poisoning. This Gulf War 2 set of vets is going to see the same exact thing, based on the knowledge of vets like Dennis Kyne ( )

    * She is an original sponsor of legislation that expanded health benefits to members of the National Guard and Reserves.

    ))))) 5. Again, it all sound good, and certainly communicates the message of "I care about our troops", but what exactly does this mean? Expanded WHICH beneifts? And by how much? And what were they before her actions? And does this expanded coverage simply indicate an increase, or does it actually translate into full and thorough benefits that would accomodate the condition or situation for which the benefit is made available. In short, how TOKEN is this, vs comprehensive and solid?

    * She is the first New Yorker ever to serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee, working to see that America's military has the necessary resources to protect our national security. *

    ))))) 3.  You might be her NY state constituent, in which case this is relevant to you. It is irrelevant to me whether she is first or last or in between. DO they have the necessary resources? Seems to me they still lack fundamental armouring for their vehicles. Do they have the finest bullet proof vests? The finest protection against sand inhalation? What has she tyo say about overtaxing our state National Guards? And how this has impacted places like new Orleans, and locations of other stateside disasters where the local needs were not properly handled, due to inadequate resource allocation to fight a war that many experts believe has done nothing at all to quell terrorism or increase our National Security. So, to what extent has she used her acumen to get our troops home, and at minimum, end the stop-loss orders which have abused the lives of our service personnel?

    * Has introduced legislation to tie Congressional salary increases to an increase in the minimum wage, because she believes if America's working people don't deserve a raise, neither does Congress.

    )))))) 2. Window dressing. Nice touch, but window dressing. Has she pledged in any way to have all US citizens have health care coverage equal to that of COngressmen and women? Health care coverage matters about 500x as much, in terms of monetary value, than a 1-5% increase in a minimum wage. This is a perfect example of an empty stat that politicians love to trot out and emphasize. (All, not just Hillary of course). But it terms of providing significant value to citizens, it's a talking point, and nothing worth making someone capable and competent in being U.S. President, other than if you call little-tiny-flimsy promises to American people "Presidential".

    (Continued below)

    -----> My latest vlog entry: on getting a webcam

    by rhfactor on Thu Dec 27, 2007 at 12:22:21 AM PST

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    •  record, pt 2 (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      ))))) 5. Again, ... and solid?

      Clinton can claim credit for joining a number of House and Senate members in working on 2003 legislation that expanded reservists’ temporary military health care coverage from 60 days to 180 days after active service. That coverage – called the Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) – provides reservists with military health care (or TRICARE) immediately after they are taken off of active duty status.

      She worked with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and with other senators. And as a result, in 2005, Congress mandated a new form of military health care called TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) which gives those in the Selected Reserve – a component of the Ready Reserve – an opportunity to purchase TRICARE health coverage when not on active duty.

      ))))))) 5. Good intent. ... based on the knowledge of vets like Dennis Kyne ( )

      She's been working on it for 10+ years-

      ))))) 3.  You might be her NY state constituent, in which case this is relevant ...lives of our service personnel?

      On troop equipment:

      On the expanded role of the national guard (this was before Katrina):

      Note that she has introduced legislation to expand the size of the army by 80,000.

      )))))) 2. Window dressing. Nice touch, but ... American people "Presidential".

      Yes, the Health choices plan that she has proposed would allow all citizens to receive the same coverage that members of Congress receive.

      As you can see the record is out there. I may reply to your other posts in time.

      •  bravo --- i am stunned at the quality of your (0+ / 0-)

        followups. i comment on this separately below. thank you very much. It is so refreshing to get facts instead of perpetual hyperbole. you are probably the biggest asset to your candidate I have seen on this entire site.

        -----> My latest vlog entry: on getting a webcam

        by rhfactor on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 03:09:15 AM PST

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