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  •  Con'td - RATINGS, part 3 (0+ / 0-)

    * Sponsored legislation to increase America's commitment to fighting the global HIV/AIDS crisis.

    )))) That's a 1. Window dressing sound-bite. SPONSORED? what about accomplished? I can sponsor 1000 initiatives to improve the integrity of our US COngressmen and women. Means nothing at all if not joined by others and enacted and then pushed for results. I rather doubt she has pushed for results. If she has, what are they?

    * Leading the fight for expanded use of information technology in the health care system to decrease administrative costs, lower premiums, and reduce medical errors.

    )))))) 1.  First of all, I rather doubt it that she is "leading the fight". Easy to say. Anyone can say it. If we were talking Walmart or one could be presented a tangible list of information tech used to shorten process cycles, speed up delivery of goods, reduce costs, reduce admin costs etc. Until I see a list of specific uses of tech that woild dircetly reduce costs and improve the delivery of quality health care services, this is another B.S. generic bullet point that has no diferentiatable meat on it.

    * Worked to ensure the safety of prescription drugs for children, with legislation now included in the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act.

    )))) 5. Again, I see no end results. Just efforts. She's the health care guru with 15 years experience on top of all the other candidates. What specifically has she done, and what are her exact efforts to see this implemented. Lists of things passed has almost no bearing on what happens at the point of citizen contact with the system. Once again, none of these are bad things, they are just, to me, not worthy of touting as ACCOMPLISHMENTS... It would be like me saying I read 1000 screenplays and recommended 5 be put into production, or made notes on 10 of them. But it only matters as an ACCOMPLISHMENT when the thing goes inot production and results in a film. How many films has she brought to market since being a Senator?

    * Her legislation to help schools address environmental hazards. *

    ))))) 2.  Too ambiguous, and slides into the other related items like food supply issues, Rx meds, etc. Of all these intangibles, THIS one should be able to have a list of actual deliverables. WHAT did she recommend schools do to "address" environmental hazards?

    * Has passed legislation that will bring more qualified teachers into classrooms and more outstanding principals to lead our schools.

    ))))) 1.  Yawn. Template answer. Who hasn't said this same thing for past 30 years. Where's the beef?

    * One of the original cosponsors of the Prevention First Act to increase access to family planning.

    )))) Okay, a 5 but really another template "1". Too ambiguous, too much a soundbite. If I were to hear what specific measures she authored that would result in providing this theoretical increased access, I would possibly uprate. But so far, it is just another intangible with no meat.

    * In 2006 was reelected to the Senate with 67 percent  of the vote.

    ))))) 1.  Relevance = 1.  We all know she is an accomplished politician with a remarkable machine and discipline. Sure, it speaks to her constituents' satisfaction level, but oner always has to factor is: compared to whom? Who were the other choices. This is not to slight that accomplishment, But for me, I really don't care whether or not she convinced people to vote for her as a Senator, nor do I care about Obama in that way, or Edwards in his term. Those just say "has experience in the mechanics of politics"... doesn't say anything about tangible accomplishments. So, not worthy of being on a list of  things delivered that improved qaulity of life of citizens.


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