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  •  Can you please be made the DailyKos Ombudsman? (0+ / 0-)

    In 5 years' time here I have never prior come across someone who does actual due diligence in relation to relies to questions. Not only are you an amazing exception, but your tone is professional and respectful and neutral -- (unlike my own, for example :(    )

    In all these years I have come to never expect the kind of substantive and on-point replies that you have posted. So, major kudos and THIS represents the kind of process I would love to see be the standard. I would gladly see a 5000-post per month reduction at DailyKos, eliminate 50% of the daily threads which provide no substance, and replace all of that with CURATED threads that pass through a human filter --- much like the Rescue Rangers do.

    You, along with a small handful of others, could dramatically improve the quality of discussion at DK by a magnitude of about 1000% . It's never been important for me that people agree with one another. But it has really been discouraging to me as a "First-netroots-election Dean Progressive activist" who used these online tools to really advance the process of transparency and bottom-up participation... to now see all these tools polluted as grossly as the San Francisco Bay after that recent oil spill by people turning a progressive site into a tabloid marketing medium.

    Nightly Edwards threads, Obama threads, Hillary threads do nothing at all here but add propoganda. they are not about what's best for America. they are all about campaigning to elect person X. And that is a shame to see these tools disintegrate into that DailyKrap.

    Thus, when you answered my questions about tangible accomplishments, that was the most thoughtful reply I have ever seen on a "candidate diary".... and a true anamoly. I appreciate further your followups and clarifications. I'm sure you can tell I am not a fan of the candidate you support, but the more I can have all the marketing crap filtered out (such as the actual diary here), and instead see this kind of articulation of results, it opens my receptivity in ways no one else here has been able to do. I simply applaud your substantiated method of Q & A.

    Thank you very much.


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    by rhfactor on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 03:05:50 AM PST

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