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View Diary: Romney 3.0: Now a newer, sleeker, Reaganite model (181 comments)

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  •  Romney is a salesman and that is (3+ / 0-)
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    the extent to which he will act as the "executive" if he is elected.

    His comments on what to do with Pakistan were really interesting.  He said that he would assemble a team of smart people to work it out.  A salesman sells a team of "smart people" to a potential client.  Salesmen will often say that they are just the sales guy - not the actual worker bee - either directly or in a statement much like those he made about Pakistan. It sounded so much like Bush in 2000 that it was erie and on top of that he invoked Reagan numerous times - an akward number of times in the relatively short interview.  I can't remember though which network he was on - it was probably CNN - but I took in too many hours of news to remember exactly when and where I saw him interviewed.

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