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    Thomas Kalinowski, hannahlk

    Goldberg unearths for the first time shocking similarities between Nazis and liberals. For example, Nazis wanted to clean up the environment. So do liberals! Nazis wanted to cure cancer. So do liberals! Nazis liked organic food and many were vegetarians. So are many liberals! A lot of Nazis were gay and a lot of liberals are, too! Nazis made Volkswagons and liberals love to drive them! Hitler loved dogs and so do many liberals!

    A quote from the article on Goldberg's book.

    I've noticed that people like Tom Delay, Karl Rove, and others are attempting to make the analysis of fascist ideology and the policies that fascist states adopt into a silly name-calling contest through the use of ridiculous comparisons.

    They make ridiculous comparisons for the sake of calling liberals "fascists." The point of this exercise is to infiltrate the mass media with the notion that any comparison between modern policies by modern governments, and historical fascist states are not valid comparisons.

    Let them do it. And I support linking their idiotic attempts. Let them try to argue that liberals are fascists because Hitler was a vegetarian and some liberals are vegetarians. We'll see how that comparison stands up against the comparison of the charges by the Nuremberg Tribunal, and the actual actions by the Bush Administration.

    For example: a pre-meditated plot (PNAC/Nazi Conspiracy) to subvert the checks and balances of Republican government using a national tragedy (Reichstag Fire/9-11) as a cover for draconian security measures (Suspension of civil liberties/Patriot Act)? For example, a foreign policy that defies international law by claiming that aggressive wars are defensive wars? For example, fabricating false pretexts for war under an illegal "pre-emptive warfare" doctrine? For example, invading and occupying another country with a pre-meditated plan to loot the country and terrorize it's inhabitants into submission?

    I've just described what the Nuremberg prosecutors described as "The Nazi Conspiracy" and the crime committed by that conspiracy: The Crime Against Peace.

    When the reckoning for the Neocon Conspiracy comes, we'll see if people are sufficiently convinced that the "real fascists" are the liberal vegetarian dog lovers. They may have gotten away with this kind of crap among the gullible fans of Rush Limbaugh in the 1990s, but those days are long gone.

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