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  •  Obama talks a good line (4+ / 0-)
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    cdreid, sgary, jamess, priceman

    but name me some Republicans that he has won over to his side in a critical vote. His words work okay with pliable Democrats, but I don't think Obama can rearrange the molecules of those steel-ribbed Republicans, who stick like lemmings to the Republican leadership, which wields huge financial bondage over the rank and file.

    •  Obama walks. Iraq, health care, clean government (1+ / 0-)
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      Universal health care for kids in Illinois. in DC.

      Opposition to Iraq war and running for and winning election while Edwards was still in Iraq war booster mode.

      Three great examples on Iraq/national security, health care and clean, transparent government for why Obama should be our next president.

      •  Obama has taken more money from health industry (0+ / 0-)

        lobbyists than anyone else in the entire Senate except for Hilary Clinton who has taken more.

        Money matters. These two are in the pockets of big Pharma, etc and they will therefore not promote meaningful change wrt healthcare if or when they get into office.

        •  They must like Obama's univeral health care bill (0+ / 0-)

          The one he wrote, sponsored and built the political coalition to pass Illinois legislature.

          Obama (and Clinton) have good track records of fighting for and, in Obama's case, winning health care reform victories.

          Edwards has no track record on health care and a bad track record on Iraq, bankruptcy, China trade, energy.

      •  From Steven Kirsch's analysis... (0+ / 0-)

        I confirmed my conclusion that he's not a leader when he [Obama] responded to a question I asked him at one of his events. I asked him why it took him 4 months to sign on to Sanders-Boxer, the "gold standard" climate change bill. He said there were two reasons: 1) he was already signed on to the (weaker) McCain-Lieberman bill and 2) he didn't think Sanders-Boxer could pass and he doesn't sign on to bills if it is only symbolic.

        In other words, he just told me point blank to my face: "I AM NOT A LEADER on climate change issues." You see, a real leader takes a stand in the public interest and then works hard to shift opinion to supporting that stand. A real leader would recognize this bill as the most important bill in the Senate and sign on immediately and then he'd go around and try to convince other Senators of the importance of the bill and encourage them to sign on.

        In short, leaders take positions, then convince others. Instead, Obama left the all leadership to Senator Boxer. And he signed on silently. No press release. He's never even emailed his supporters to ask them to urge their Senators to co-sponsor this critical bill. He still hasn't. So the most important issue that civilization has ever faced, global warming, is just not important to him.

        (Link to Steve Kirsch's detailed analysis of the top 3 Democratic candidates)

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