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  •  right now, Obama's "organization" is untested (5+ / 0-)

    much like Dean's was in 2004.  I was a Deaniac and we had passion.  What we didn't have were experienced activists on the ground.  That isn't the case with Edwards this year.  Aside from his previous supporters, people like me who were new to my area 4 years ago (though hardly new to national politics) have spent the last 4 years getting to know the leaders in our communities, working within and starting organizations to further progressive change, adopting local candidates, being involved.

    This nomination won't be won because of all the volunteers but it will be affected by the experience of both the volunteers and campaign staffers.  Here, I believe (but can't prove) Edwards has an advantage.

    We'll begin to understand who is right in about 6 days.

    There's going to be a rising ..., And it's going to spread across America, And it will be a wave of change that cannot be stopped. John Edwards

    by edgery on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 08:52:19 PM PST

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    •  I believe Iowa is up in the air (3+ / 0-)
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      cdreid, Quicklund, planetclaire4

      Edwards might very well win in Iowa. Anyone who can't admit that is fooling themselves.

      But when I talk about organization, I don't mean Iowa. I mean the February 5th states. Obama is organizing in those states and Edwards is not. Simple as that.

      I don't want this to become a flame war. I like Edwards. I like Obama too. And hell, if Hillary becomes the nominee, I'll like her too. I did it for Kerry, I can do it for Clinton.

      The way I see the race, if it's not done in Iowa it will move onto New Hampshire. If it's not done there it will move onto Nevada (which I don't think will have as much impact) and then South Carolina. If there still isn't a clear winner, Clinton and Obama have money to continue competing for states and Edwards doesn't. He could potentially raise that money had it not been for his decision to accept matching funds and the $50 million cap that comes along with it.

      This is just my opinion, based on what I know. It is not intended to offend you or even persuade you not to vote for Edwards. I'm done trying to persuade people, I'm ready for this all to be over.

      The sooner we can unleash our fury on the Republicans, the better.

      •  Just as I asked the other commenter (4+ / 0-)
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        cdreid, Potus2020, va dare, planetclaire4

        the claim that Edwards isn't organizing in those states is just not true.  It is "simple as that."

        What I think happens is that I support Edwards and so have a better sense as to what his campaign is doing both in the early and in the Feb 5th states.  You support a different candidate, and have a better sense as to what is happening in that campaign.  And so it goes.  Because the traditional media doesn't cover much of what's going on in the other states, both of us are left with our piece of the puzzle.  Sort of like the blind men describing an elephant.

        As for the money "concern" -- I find it interesting that only those who support a different candidate are so focused on it.  The Edwards campaign, not; the Edwards supporters, not; the unions and other organizations like FOE Action, not; the state and local leaders in Edwards's camp, not; ...  Now we could all be wrong, but I really don't think so.  I think John Edwards knows exactly what he's doing and how he's going to do it.

        There's going to be a rising ..., And it's going to spread across America, And it will be a wave of change that cannot be stopped. John Edwards

        by edgery on Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 09:09:05 PM PST

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        •  I haven't seen any evidence... (1+ / 0-)
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          of Edwards organizing in other states, and perhaps you will be kind enough to share with me what you know.

          I agree that we each probably have a better sense of our own candidate's campaign strategy.

          As far as who is not focused on Edwards' money situation, you can add to the list: Obama, Clinton, the rest of the Democratic field, the entire Republican field, the media, Obama supporters and me specifically. I'm sure there are many I've left out. In fact, I'm not really focused on Edwards at all. I'm focused on my candidate and the race in general. But how much money each candidate can potentially raise is a factor in the race to some extent. And from my point of view, Obama and Clinton are better positioned to take the nomination.

          But you probably have more insight into the Edwards game plan and I admit, I'm curious about what he's been doing in the February 5th states.

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