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View Diary: Why you should switch to John Edwards (197 comments)

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    cdreid, nasarius, willb48, BBelle

    for all his lunacy, is consistent with his strain of thought about power.  He remains a strong proponent about how it corrupts.

    It stinks that so many around here are so clueless to his patriotic acts when it really mattered.  Many of them show this lack of historical context every day in comments.

    It's like having to step through puddles filled with muck.

    I wish there were less comments, yet more thoughtful comments at this site.

    I wish that Kos stepped forward at the start and addressed the silly recommend system in the first place.  It became a popularity contest at the beginning, followed by tip jars, designed for the very same purpose.

    Trusted users status should be be much harder to obtain.

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