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      simply because I searched, researched, and read any and everything I could about catholicism.  It is very understandable why today's believers wish to distance themselves even from their recent past, much less the murderous history Will and Ariel named "The Dark Ages". Outside of the Bush Administration, and the KGB of the USSR, it is hard to fathom any organization with such a dark, bloody and murderous past, nor one that tried so hard to cover up its multiple wrong-doings.

      In the name of their god, they sought to exterminate various tribes around what is how ISrael; they threw non-believers into dark dungeons for life (luckily for the sufferers, those became suddenly short); they stole the lands and wives and children of those who dared disagree with any point of doctrine; they started the crusades for profit, power and murder; they started wars so bloody and deadly, that only the plagues and influenza compete in terms of percentages. Mao, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin may have had their programs of death, but only the Catholic church managed to keep it going for 2000 years.

      The Rat recently decried the falling church attendance in Europe as being a crisis. I think not. It is a healthy, normal reaction to a deadly sect, one that has brought nothing but death, dishonor, shame and more death to an entire land. The problem is not that europeans love god too little - it is that they know the Catholic Church, and its history, too well.

      The recent past, with falling church going, and political difficulties, has been even worse in some ways. OK, 400 yrs too late, the issue a pseudo-apology to Galileo. Whoopie. That makes everything better, does it?  Well, in the 50-60s, the late 70s, and again in the late 1990s, I would love to hear an honest explanation as to why so many (thousands) of priests in no less than 120 countries, were accused of child abuse. In the Boston area alone, the victims are said to number in the tens of thousands. In Chicago, more than 3,000 credible cases exist, and that was only in the 1990s. (the others were all barred due to a criminal and civil statute of limitations). The victims in the US alone are close to 120,000 children.

      This is not a simple case of human frailty and weakness towards sin, this is a criminal organization. An ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION.  Under the direction of the Rat, they routinely and regularly  hid documents, denied facts, transfered wrongdoers to other parishes, and after repeated criminal complaints, eventually to countries with no extradition treaties. IN Illinois alone, the judges were so pissed at the discovery and delay games being played by the church that the discovery sanctions alone were apporaching six figures just in one case.

      Ann Burke, a top Illinois supreme court judge (then with the appellate court) chaired a commission to study the church. She was a strong catholic, and even she was repulsed by the actions of he church  - not just in furthering criminal acts by priests, but by the intentional, deliberate, knowing, and possibly criminal actions in hiding those priests, covering up, threatening witnesses, and worse. The RICO statute was mentioned not as a joke, but as a real alternative.

      What is funny is that Ann was appointed to the commission because the man she replaced was so upset at the church antics, that he made some public comments about RICO and criminal fraud on the part of the archdiocese. The Cardinal demanded that he be replaced, only to find Ann's comments even more on the mark and devastating.

      It's not so much that your views are filled with hate, it's that they are so ignorant and ill-informed and substitute your projected animus for reason.  get help.  

      Help in this case would involve long prison sentences for many catholic priests, bishops, even a cardinal or two, at least in Chicago, Boston, New York, Seattle, San Diego, LA, Denver, Atlanta, Detroit, Des Moines - hell, the list is endless.

      You want facts? Talk to the Polish Catholics in Warsaw. or the Irish in Dublin.Your church is a good, loving, religion? Sure, if the recipient of the sodomy is a six year old.

      In the United States, doing good has come to be, like patriotism, a favorite device of persons with something to sell. - Mencken

      by agnostic on Sat Dec 29, 2007 at 01:53:30 PM PST

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