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    That I have this theory that it is all about real estate.  Universities manufacture basically three products: credentials/training for undergrads; research and PhDs for grads; sports entertainment.

    The exact nature of the first is rather opaque, and it depends a lot on the reputation of the institution.  This, in turn, seems to be largely based on how it looks.  Well-known researchers add cachet, but they need to bring in grants to actually do anything.  Winning teams do too, but they are hit and miss.  This leaves really nice facilities as a surefire way to make your school more attractive to your admissions department's favorite candidates.

    So, if I was to guess why tuition is so high, I would say that when your two main selling points are that students get taught by big shots and really nice facilities, you are going to be running an expensive operation.  As to whether these are absolutely crucial, I can't say, though I benefitted a lot from the first at a public research school as an undergrad.

    Then again, you have to realize that I work in geometry and algorithms... lol.

    Ortiz/Ramírez '08

    by theran on Sat Dec 29, 2007 at 06:54:26 PM PST

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