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  •  Who would replace Powell? (none)
    While I am no happier with how Powell has prostituted himself inthis Administration, I have to wonder why he stays.  For myself, I honestly believe he stays because he is afraid of the damage that could be done by his replacement above and beyond the damage done to date on the international scene.  I think he may see this as something in the best interests of the US, whatever the price he is going to pay for it.  If this is his reasoning, I think he has a point.  The bulk of the rest of the world while still very pissed at the Bush Administration is still reassured to see one senior member that they know has some real understanding of how the rest of the world tends to work, even if he is not on the inside of the clique he is still their main interface with this Administration.  In fact, aside from Powell, it is hard to see how one could say the same about any of the other senior Bush Administration's people.

    I do realize this is pure speculation, but it is how I see this.  I am glad that he is still Sec of State, despite the fact I loath this Administration generally, and it's foreign policies (or rather lack of) specifically.

    Rapturist: Someone that commits random acts of senseless kindness.

    by Haligonian on Sun Aug 08, 2004 at 01:30:26 PM PDT

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