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    Ray Radlein, cfk, Pandoras Box

    In the attic of the neighbor who ran the projector at the local movie theater and who showed cartoons to the neighborhood kids for a nickel.

    There's a memory from long ago.


    •  well, that was neat and reminds me (3+ / 0-)
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      Ray Radlein, rserven, Pandoras Box

      of when I was teaching and two young men who were in the Middle School asked me to come and watch a movie they had made.  One of the two was in a wheelchair because he had lost both legs in a fire.

      I went to watch their movie in their garage and it was titled Ironsides something or other.  There were seven or eight of us there including the school's librarian and I was simply amazed at what they had managed with a tiny camera.  There was a story!

      After that, we started a camera club which had few members, but we traveled to Detroit a couple of times to see film festivals and the Art Museum and so forth.

      The boys continued doing animation films where they had to move legs of horses and things and take a pic of each tiny change. What patience they had!!

      The young man in the wheelchair became a dentist, I believe, and the other one did animation for ads and so forth for Hollywood.  It has been a while since I have heard what he is up to.

      That was a long time ago. :)  A young man who is probably 52, now, came out fishing and told my hubby he still remembered my class and had just re-read the Hemingway short stories he had read back in the day.  :)

      My first students are now 55 or 56 years old and that is daunting to me.  Ah, nostalgia!

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      by cfk on Sun Dec 30, 2007 at 04:38:54 PM PST

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