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View Diary: Bush signs the Open Government Act in semi-secrecy (91 comments)

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    Since I happen to think that the Federal Tort Claims Act and the Freedom of Information Act are the main tools of true democracy and popular oversight of our agents of government, this comes as good news.  Also, since the primary goal of privatization was to evade popular oversight, including the recipients of public dollars in the review process is a welcome expansion.

    I just wonder what tricks the autocrats are now planning to rely on to promote their evasive tendencies.

    We're still confronted by the fact that there's no way to force a recalcitrant bureaucrat to carry out his duties.  The only remedy for non-feasance is dismissal.  Malfeasance can lead to criminal penalties and negligence can lead to civil penalties in a particular case.

    What I'm still mulling is whether an official can be charged with misappropriation of public funds or fraud for collecting a salary as compensation for a job he hasn't performed--an argument that might apply, for example, to the presidential delegation of his own duties to the Vice President when the latter isn't entitled to carry them out.

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