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  •  Ah yes..I remember her well. (5+ / 0-)
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    There was a time when I was foolish enough to waste my time on that pit of a blog called soapblox/prairie state blue.  I finally banned myself about 6 months ago because they had so many, what I called assassins, cretons hiding anonymously under rocks and striking out, usually against John.  Types like the lovely bridgett and someone called boring now. I admit I was new and foolish but the simplest positive statement by me about John brought in such a barrage that I had to hit the enter key and duck under my desk until they calmed down. Brigett is a Laesch hater. I don't know why, never could find out but she's got an axe to grind and will never change.  I think she's a Foster "insider" wannabe once removed.  She's a friend of a local politician who probably feeds her info.  Boring just thinks he knows everything and likes to bloviate. He had a diary here a week or two ago and had 3 recommends and 2 comments even though his offering droned on for hours. I'm glad to see folks have finaly caught on to him.  He's a waste of cyberspace.

    When Foster's guy first showed up I listed about 10 questions for him on soapblox but whateverhisname is said that they were still riding around in a car and didn't have an office yet but would get back to me sometime.  I'm still waiting. I hope they've found a place to get in out of the cold or at least bought a trailer. I was just curious why this patriot left our veteran in the lurch to head over to Pennsylvania to, ostensibly (I love that word), help another vet there. Hmmmm could the wiley George W. Foster been setting himself up so that Pat Murphy could now be endorsing him?  There was, after all, a nice glossy piece delivered to my home showing Murphy in Iraq(?).  Yes! He was endorsing Foster! I'm just too cynical I guess.  Foster never sent John even a best wishes card.  If he had done something for the cause here to rid us of the scourge called Hastert I'd have a different opinion of him but it's jut too obvious to me what he was doing.

    Ok 'nuff said..........    

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