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View Diary: Why Obama is the only one who can unite America to bring change (17 comments)

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    Edwards has proven he can't beat Dick Cheney mano a mano in a debate. And you think this guy can really walk the walk the next time it comes time? You think Edwards is your savior? I think that's wishful thinking when he has DEMONSTRATED he's not effective in the crunch. He had his shot. He lost. Why is he any better this time?

    And he was wrong on Iraq. He makes nice sounding apologies but they are just that. He made the wrong call. Big time. He's never even been there!

    As for the 527 money - wassup with that?? He's awash in it. You know he could stop it. He doesn't. He's a hypocrite. That's the fact. Call me names. Tell me I'm divisive. Blah blah blah. I'm sorry but it's time for some cold hard honesty.

    And as for being such a man to rail against corporations, what did Edwards do with his time off? Work for a big giant hedge fund. That's what. And they gave him a ton of money too. Come on! When Edwards isn't working in government, he doesn't go do low paying public service like Obama. He makes a tens of millions of dollars as a personal injury lawyer or cashing in on his government service working for a hedge fund.

    I just don't know what people see in this guy.  The right wing will eat him, his $400 haircuts and his megamcMansion for breakfast every day if he's nominated.

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