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View Diary: Why Obama is the only one who can unite America to bring change (17 comments)

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    It's called a guy who can deliver on health care so there aren't over 40 million uninsured Americans - unlike the Hillary Bill team last time round in the early 1990s.

    It's called bringing back good, competent government.

    It's called stopping people from cashing in on their government service.  Not like Bill and Hillary cashed in to the tune of nearly a hundred mil in personal wealth not to mention their $500 mil personal "charity" they throw around.  Not like Edwards cashed in working for some multibillion dollar hedge fund a few years ago.  These people have dirty hands to the tune of tens of millions.  How are they going to clean up the muck???

    It's called refocusing us away from Iraq to fight terrorism where it lives in the Afghanistan region.

    It's called tracking down all the rogue nuclear materials with which to build City killers.  Obama makes that a top priority.

    It's called reenergizing our educational system at all levels, with research grants on down to expanding headstart.

    It's called bringing our fiscal house in order.

    It's called advocating for free and FAIR trade.

    It's called opposing more media consolidation.

    It's called increasing transparency in government.

    it's called increasing the focus on ethics in government.

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