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  •  Show 'em who's boss right from the start (2+ / 0-)
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    sclminc, merrinc

    This is what happened on the first morning of the Clinton presidency. Not a good way to start making friends with the press.

    Then we got to what was really bothering them: the closing of the door. We decided to close off the West Wing, which meant that reporters would no longer have walk-in privileges to the press secretary’s office, my office, on the first floor. They were confined to the basement and were pissed.
    Helen Thomas led the charge. For more than thierty years she started her day alittle before seven A.M. by planting herself outside the press secretary’s office and asking him a question as he walked thought the door. Now she couldn’t anymore.

    Q. Are you going to block us from going up the steps to your office?
    I’m not your problem, Hillary is. She and Susan Thomases cooked up this plan to move you
    Barbara Bush told her we should show you guys who’s boss right from the start.

    Instead of working to keep us safe, Rudy Giuliani just used 9/11 to get laid.

    by William Domingo on Thu Jan 03, 2008 at 05:40:38 PM PST

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    •  And Markos is now MSM as much as the NYT (1+ / 0-)
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      William Domingo

      Seriously: the only real difference between Markos and Frank Rich or Bill Kristol is that he's self-employed and no one (aside from Newsweek and book publishers) pays to print his writings on paper.

      Some reporters suck rocks. Some reporters who are fine write some articles that suck. Some big news organizations may well be controlled in scary ways by forces that the reporters themselves don't even realize exist.

      But a lot of what Markos and others are complaining about here is just the result of the fact that any effort to write anything somewhat opinionated about anything is always going to make people mad. A lot of the time, it seems as if people here are complaining about an article that I read as a puff piece IN FAVOR of the Daily Kos candidate/position.

      I think that it's completely legitimate to investigate the wingnut Hate Machine and figure out how Viguerie Rovie money is corrupting the media at high levels. But being a crybaby about the fact that the media are kind of tough and may be tougher at times on Democrats than on Republicans who've been shot (Reagan) or been the apparent target of suicide bombers (Dubya) seems to be silly and counterproductive.

      I think Bill Clinton should be a role model. He got lots of great coverage and lots of negative coverage, and he's come out as a saint because, for the most part, he maintained a positive attitude, at least in public, and never succumbed to the kinds of stupidity and pettiness that his enemies adopted.

      To me, it seems strange that HRC is so much worse at handling the media than her husband was.

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