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View Diary: I support Edwards. I rejoice over Obama. (244 comments)

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    I really like the campaign Edwards has run so far better than what I've heard from Obama.  Obama has seemed to me to be trying to out-Hillary Hillary.  

    But, in a way that's been a very shrewd  strategy.  

    Obama still has enough "cred" with the Progressive base of the party that he could afford to run to the center.   I know for myself, at least--although I'm more certain of the positions Edwards has taken, and think it's clearer where he stands, and Obama has disappointed me on a couple of things--I still basically trust Obama.  Part of it, I think, is that this is the campaign Obama almost had to run to win.  Historically, it seems that Black politicians have been too easily marginalized and portrayed as being fringe or extreme.  So to inoculate himself against those attacks (which we know will come), he needs to put a lot of emphasis on bipartisanship and moderation.  

    Additionally, with Edwards running more to the left, the only way to really put the squeeze on Hillary was to go after the voters she was courting in the center.  Had Obama gone too much after the same voters as  Edwards, that would have left Hilary in a stronger position and one of Obama and Edwards now would be likely be in trouble after coming in third.  Instead, he pretty much went and took the independent and moderate vote away from Hillary.

    Hillary is in a tough position now.  In an election that is primarily about change, she is the Democrat who most represents the status quo.  And it may be too late for her to change course.

    Obama is in an enviable position.  He is the one really "new" face amongst the three who have emerged as the top candidates, and he has managed to build momentum on that and a compelling story without getting too much bogged down in policy details or ideology.  He touched on only a couple of key issues in his speech tonight--easy targets like getting us out of Iraq, and taking on lobbyists--but mostly spoke in general platitudes about things like "hope".  He says just enough of substance for you to think he "gets" it, but not enough to give opponents much to attack with.

    At times in the past, the lack of more substance, and seemingly safe approach  led me to say I felt like he was running more for Vice President than President.  I was clearly wrong.  Not only did Obama run a great campaign, he absolutely aced that acceptance speech.  It was pretty compelling, even without a lot of substance on the things that are important to me.  

    Winning Iowa, really isn't that big a deal.  The delegates are split, so the winner only gets about 200 more EV than the runner up, and much of the time, the winner ends up going nowhere anyway.  Often I think the importance of Iowa is over rated.  Not tonight.  Tonight, I really got the feeling for the first time this election cycle, that I was watching the next President of the United States.
    For myself, I'll still be voting for Edwards.  I certainly wouldn't want a vote for Obama to be interpreted as a vote for centrism or moderation.  I much prefer the message of the Edwards campaign, and the message my vote will send there.  The more the media try to ignore him, the more I know I have to vote for him.

    But Obama is looking like a darned good candidate right now.  And I suspect he'd be a better President than he's letting on.

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