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    Dood needs to get enough of his fellow senators to support a filibuster, forty more people.  This shall not be easy.  Obama and Clinton will be out campaigning, and will not show up for the inevitable showdown.  Because God forbid they should risk handing the RNC ammunition by taking a stand on retroactive immunity for violations of the Constitution and FISA.  It'll be tough going, but it is now officially election year and the GOP is desperate to save its endangered seats.

    Once the FISA battle is over, Dodd needs to challenge Reid for majority leader in the Senate -- NOW, regardless of the outcome of the FISA battle.  He needs to call for a vote of no confidence, work to remove Reid, and go for the position himself.  He'll be in a position to throw a much-needed light on this issue, while at the same time forcing Obama and Clinton to take action or be written off as too wishy-washy to stand for anything.  If they end up opening themselves to that attack, it can only help Edwards on the campaign trail.  And if the sitting senators do show up and do the right thing, so much the better.  Either way, we all win.

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