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  •  Their big test is Sout Carolina (7+ / 0-)

    For as long as I can remember, the GOP establishment folks ran the party with iron fists. We're talking people like Strom Thrumond and Carol Campbell. And whatever they said, the primary voters, evangelicals included, followed. It was a happy coincidence for them that they were on the aame page in 2000 for Bush. Now we get to see what happens. Will the SC evangelicals listen to their former masters, or will they take Iowa as a signal to go on their own. Let's see what happens.

    •  SC could be decisive (1+ / 0-)
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      Judgment at Nuremberg

      I keep hearing rumors of Rudy dropping after NH and endorsing McCain.  Can he handle 2 straight contests being beaten by Crazy Uncle Ron?  SC could come down to a Huckster/McCain death match.  And I mean death.  There are Repubs in SC who are Expert at throwing the mud.

      Of course Humpty Dumpty could get put back together again, with a McCain/Huckster ticket.

      Enterpriser; Hard core Libertarian: +6.63 / -4.41

      by jimsaco on Fri Jan 04, 2008 at 11:58:26 AM PST

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    •  My state will be very interesting (0+ / 0-)

      to watch.  Acquaintences are going for's a religion doesn't matter, religion does.  It's one of the reasons this state is so damn back-asswards in so many, many ways.  The monied?  I have no idea what they'll do.  Can't wait to watch!

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