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  •  Yet you still can't forgive... (0+ / 0-)

    ...the fundie juggernaut for cramming "Christian" George W. Bush down our throats.

    The fact these people actually fell for W's Christian act does not reflect well on their  discernment abilities.

    You may be  referring to the fundie throng as "gate crashers" today, but the havoc they have reeked on our country via George W. Bush is unforgivable.

    Plus I still don't buy into the theory that the war-loving, gay-hating  fundie  idealogues are going to fully support a candidate who actually believes in the teachings of, er, Jesus.

    •  They have to make a choice (2+ / 0-)
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      wyvern, Judgment at Nuremberg

      between their religious beliefs that they must vote for a christian who is anti-gay, anti-choice and their political beliefs that they must vote pro-war, anti-immigration.

      Not fun to be on the near right or the far right in 2008.  So glad I'm on the left (or am I on the far left?)

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