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View Diary: Huckabee wants to ban some contraceptives, including the pill (38 comments)

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    Play to the people who claim to be Christians. It's amazing and very much like a radical cult. many so-called Christians will vote for this man because he says he is a man of God.

    If that isn't a brainwashed cult then I don't know what is! You'd think they'd learn from the FRAUD GEORGE BUSH!


    Adherents who become increasingly dependent on the movement for their view on reality;
    Important decisions in the lives of the adherents are made by others;
    Making sharp distinctions between us and them, divine and satanic, good and evil, etc. that are not open for discussion;
    Leader who claim divine authority for their deeds and for their orders to their followers;
    Leader and movements who are unequivocally focused on achieving a certain goal.
    The organization is willing to place itself above the law. This is probably the most important characteristic.
    The leader sets forth ethical guidelines members must follow but from which the leader is exempt
    The group is preparing to fight a literal, physical Armageddon against other human beings;
    The leader regularly makes public assertions that he or she knows is false and/or the group has a policy of routinely deceiving outsiders.

    James R. Lewis

    If America were to die and an autopsy was to be performed the media would be the cause of death.

    by dynamicstand on Fri Jan 04, 2008 at 03:00:55 PM PST

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