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    ER Doc

    Send observers with video cellphones and tape recorders into religious rightie churches as "observers."  What they're looking & listening for is any endorsement from the pulpit of specific candidates, legislation, or ballot measures, and campaign literature on church tables near the entrance.  

    That stuff is illegal under IRS rules: tax exempt organizations may not endorse or oppose specific candidates, legislation, or ballot measures, and that includes indirect endorsements such as "God will not like it if you vote for any candidate who...".   If an organization wants to do that sort of thing, it can do all it likes so long as the organization is not tax exempt and is paying its income & property (real estate) taxes like anyone else.  

    So the method is:  Catch them breaking the law (IRS rules) and turn them in.  Two people go to each church every morning, appearing at random at different churches.  The Sunday before a primary or an election is especially important but the rest of the year also deserves coverage.  

    Americans United for Separation of Church & State serves as a clearinghouse for this sort of information, and has the legal means on hand to raise lawsuits when needed and pursue complaints with the IRS to maximize the likelihood of them being investigated.  

    The goal is to take away the tax exemptions of religious rightie churches that break the law.  De-funding the fundies is de-fanging them.  

    And after we have a D president in office, s/he can go after them with ferocious intensity (or we'll bug him/her endlessly to do so).  

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