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View Diary: Am I the only one sick of the Hillary slams? (187 comments)

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    I sort of knew in my heart it would be harder to get a woman elected president than any minority male.  Look how much longer it took to get women the vote.

    And it's OK, here, and on the tube to be sexist. If people used racism here the way they use sexism to take down a candidate, people would be rightfully offended and angry.  But diaries here that have used blatant sexism often bring laughs and sometimes recs.  

    I am tired of it too.  And anytime I have pointed it out, I have been attacked.   How dare I use gender baiting or something like that.

    There are code words uses in sexism just as there are in racism.  The problem is that so many people have used them for so long and are so comfortable with them, they do not even get the gender bias.

    Women who are intellectual and serious are often labeled "cold and calculating."   Assertive women are labeled "b*tches".  Women who have made it to high levels of achievement are accused of "sleeping their way to the top" or having a husband who did it for them.  

    It's here albeit subtly.  But it's pretty overt on pundit television.   And no one is called on it.  If Chris Matthews used race/culture to attack Obama they way he uses gender/culture to attack Hillary he would have been fired (and rightfully so).   And yet on the old boys networks sexism and misogyny are totally acceptable.  

    Sigh.  I am so tired of it.

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