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View Diary: Hillary has over 35 years of making change happen? You decide. (207 comments)

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  •  It took a lot to (2+ / 0-)
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    explain these complicated issues.  It would be a lot easier if you would just look at the links I gave you.  She is actually hesitant to use force because of the affect Vietnam had on her.  She was the one who helped push Bill into using force against Milosevic to keep him from slaughtering the Albanian Kosovars.  That is one big reason that Wes Clark and Madeleine Albright and Richard Holbrooke are supporting her now because the pentagon was refusing to get involved in Kosovo and they couldn't convince Bill to side with them.  She talked him into siding with them.   She later used the threat of force as a diplomatic tool to help get inspectors into Iraq.  She intended for them to get to finish their work before we discussed going to actual war with Iraq.  Bush did not do what he had promised he would.  She has talked about sanctions, not military force, against Iran for a long time, and been more straightforward than the other candidates about what options are on the table.  The part of the Kyl Lieberman act that would have allowed use of the military against Iran was taken out before she voted for it.  Digby and Josh Marshall and lots of others flipped out needlessly about what was left in KL even as the same crew that bravely stood up to the Pentagon and rescued the Albanian Kosovars, Albright, Clark and Holbrooke were all pointing out that all the dangerous language had been removed and that all that was left was a labelling of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. And she was clear long before she signed on to the Webb amendment that Bush needed specific congressional approval before going to war with Iran.

    The ...Bushies... don't make policies to deal with problems. ...It's all about how can we spin what's happening out there to do what we want to do. Krugman

    by mikepridmore on Sun Jan 06, 2008 at 02:24:47 PM PST

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    •  And I find some of those policy (0+ / 0-)

      stances problematic but thank you for such an informative, persuasive response.  There's one thing in your comment that I had not known, and thanks for providing me with the information.

      Again, I can't really be moved on the Iraq vote, and please notice that I stated upthread that I do understand her motivations.  I just think it represents a serious lapse in judgment, the consequences of which have been so devastating, that Clinton needed to have just fully disavowed her participation.

      But thanks again for that.

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