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  •  I want my "I VOTED" sticker! (5+ / 0-)

    I really get a charge out of going to the polling place and voting in person.

    While I am 99% committed to my candidate, nothing is 100% until I hand in the ballot. Something could happen to alter my opinion, and once the ballot is cast, the ballot is cast. It is rather like the difference between being engaged and being married.

    As far as the propositions, I haven't done the fine tooth comb thing, but I ususally vote "no" on most things, but I am leaning toward a "yes" on the community college. I have watched too many students struggle to go to school, work, take care of kids, and have to drop out, because the fiancial juggle just became impossible.

    (Full disclosure; I am part-time casual staff at a community college.)

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