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    Just tenured at a CSU.  I'll never be able to buy a house (though the recent housing disaster may change that if I marry someone else who is making 80k or so a year).  So why should I stay?  Why should K-12 teachers stay?  My standard of living was better as a graduate student in the Midwest than it is as a tenured CSU professor.  My first few years in the CSU had months where I was eating rice and beans at the end of the month.  

    Our K-12 students are doing poorly.  Many of the CSU graduates who are going on to teach aren't stellar, either.  Keep Prop 13 in place and watch all the best civil servants sprint from the state--from inflated rent prices they can't write off at tax time, from poor,underfunded schools, from low-paying jobs.  You'll have your house, but at what price?

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